They bit a kiosk during an assault in La Plata

They bit a kiosk during an assault in La Plata

The insecurity worries the neighbors.

An atrocious event occurred in a Gorina kiosk, located at 138 and 485, where a criminal grappled with an employee and then bit him in order to rob the store. According to them, he took cash and alcoholic beverages.

Everything happened last Sunday at 7 in the morning, while a young man was doing his work shift. There, an individual approached the window and asked the employee to open it, which the employee refused. Faced with the refusal, the “buyer” asked him for a juice and at the moment they were going to deliver it, he took out a gun. The next act, the worker began to struggle with the criminal through the window of the business door.

To prevent the weapon from being taken out, the offender bit one of the victim’s hands and then managed to enter the place, after reducing it. Inside the kiosk, he took part of the collection and also several bottles of alcohol, along with another accomplice who was on a motorcycle. The victim made the complaint at the Gorina Police Detachment and so far, the whereabouts of those involved have not been found.

“We live with our hearts in our mouths”

After the fact, the mother of the robbed young man was concerned about the insecurity that plagues the neighborhood: “As soon as my son told me, I took him to the hospital to have his hand checked. They gave him a stitch and also told him not to they could give him more for the bacteria that a bite generates,” he told EL DÍA. She also added that two people were involved in the robbery and that they quickly escaped.

“Our bicycle has already been stolen from my house and we live with our hearts in our mouths in the neighborhood. Something always happens and now it was my son’s turn to be robbed for the second time, since before the pandemic they had taken the phone at 28 and 493, while coming from work,” he closed.

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