They broke the door of a house with a barrette, entered and robbed it

Using a crowbar, a group of criminals smashed the door of a house in La Plata, entered and robbed it in a matter of minutes. The episode was recorded days ago in the town of Parque Sicardi, more precisely in 11 and 655, when the owner was not there.

Moreover, as it turned out, he would have been absent for about an hour, so thieves are suspected of having been monitoring her. The truth is that, after entering violently, they prepared to go through all the environments until they seized different elements of value.

Because the neighbors noticed strange movements in the place, they decided to notify the owner, who had to return immediately. Upon entering, he encountered the devastating scene, as his house had been completely turned over, causing damage in his wake: they went through all the drawers, stole clothes, money and appliances, and even left the bar on top of the bed.

Although the woman made the complaint at the police station, those involved could not yet be located, so they remain at large. In this context, the authorities are analyzing the public and private security cameras to try to identify them and find them.

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