They build a bike path that will connect key areas of Tolosa

The Municipality began the construction of the bike lane that will connect two key areas of Tolosa with the aim of reordering circulation and promoting active mobility. In that sense, the Commune began work to enable the exclusive lane for cyclists on Avenida 526, which will link the Parque Lineal with Avenida Antártida.

As reported by the Commune, The bike lane will have a single direction that coincides with the vehicle direction and will include a physical separating line with horizontal demarcation and delineators that will provide greater safety to cyclists.: “The path specially designed for those who travel by bicycle will be extended from 3rd Street to 13th Avenue and will favor sustainable mobility”, highlighted in this regard the secretary of Public Spaces of the Commune, Joseph Etchart.

Secondly, corner widening and boulevard extensions will be completed, and the path will be marked with green thermoplastic paint to ensure good visibility for cars circulating through the cross streets. Likewise, it was detailed that the operation of 526 avenue will remain unchanged (loading and unloading operation, entrance to garages, taxi rank, etc.) and that parking will not be prohibited.

Finally, vertical signage will be divided into two: there will be signs with the inscription “Exclusive cyclist” at the beginning and end of each section, and others with the warning “Cyclist crossing” on the corners and streets perpendicular to the diagonals. The project is part of a comprehensive policy promoted by the Commune in terms of road safety and adds to the more than 40 kilometers of bike paths and cycle paths that already connect different neighborhoods of the Party.

“We seek to complete the existing road network, guarantee access from the neighborhoods by incorporating corridors that cross the city center, promote travel alternatives that decompress traffic and provide a safe infrastructure,” said Etchart. Along these lines, it is worth noting that the construction of a new section of exclusive lanes on Diagonal 79, from Avenida 1 to Calle 6, which will link the university area with the center, was also recently announced.

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