They call for a new march for the disappearance of Guadalupe Lucero

Thursday, October 14, 2021 | 10: 25hs.

Relatives of the five-year-old girl Guadalupe Belén Lucero Cialone called for a new march for this Thursday, four months after her disappearance in the 544 housing neighborhood of the city of San Luis, without progress in the investigation or detainees.

The concentration will be at 17 in the Plaza Pringles in the capital of San Luis.

Guadalupe’s father, Eric Lucero, announced that to join the search he will hire the Rio Negro specialist Marcos Herrero, who is an independent expert and trainer of sniffer dogs and participated in previous searches for people.

For her part, the girl’s mother, Yamila Cialone, hired Santiago Díaz from the Canine Intervention Rescue Brigade, which has headquarters in Santa Fe and Chile, a month ago, who had stated that the girl “was kidnapped and taken to a vehicle on the Serranías Puntanas Highway “.

In all, the provincial federal prosecutor, Cristian Rachid, together with Marcelo Colombo, Alejandra Mangano from the Prosecutor’s Office for Trafficking and Exploitation of Persons and Leonel Gómez Barbella, jointly investigate the probability of the commission of sexual crimes, with the hypothesis that the girl was kidnapped to be a victim of sexual exploitation.

For its part, the San Luis Provincial Justice continues the investigation with the title page “whereabouts inquiry.”

The girl was last seen on June 14 in the afternoon while playing with her cousins ​​in the 544 Housing neighborhood of the city of San Luis.

In his search, the security forces are also involved in national and international non-governmental organizations, while the “Sofía alert” and a request for the whereabouts of Interpol are in force.

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