They capture a wounded Mitikah thief on video, shouting “it hurts, it hurts”

The Truth News reported that a shooting took place in Mitikah Square that generated terror at the end of the Good End, but now a video captures the mitikah thief injured while being detained.

In the videos that circulate on the internet, it can be seen that two assailants were persecuted by various elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) of Mexico City.

In a moment one of the detainees is almost dragged while shouting It hurts, it hurts!

Mitikah thief caught

They capture a wounded Mitikah thief on video, shouting

Chase to catch Mitikah raiders.

On Monday, November 22, a chase broke out in Mitikan Square with several detonations of firearms. The subjects were persecuted by the capital police due to a report of robbery to a passerby in the Portales neighborhood.

During the pursuit operation, surveillance cameras were monitored from the South Command and Control Center (C2), finding those responsible who were traveling aboard a red motorcycle that entered the Mitika square parking lot.

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Shootout and chase in CDMX

They capture a wounded Mitikah thief on video, shouting

One of the Mitikah assailants was handling a weapon so the policemen opened fire.

The elements of the SSC in Mexico City saw that one of the subjects was handling a firearm, for which they shot him.

A young woman reported that the man along with another subject They threatened her and stripped her of her belongings.

One of the recordings was made by a motorist in the parking lot of the Mitikah square, in which you can see the moment in which the uniformed men chase the Mitikah thief and a detonation is also heard, which would be the one that injured the thief in the leg.

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