They catch in Posadas a subject accused of multiple abuses of minors

Tuesday, September 20, 2022 | 7:39 p.m.

A man accused of sexual abuse with carnal access to several minors was arrested today in the city of Posadas by federal agents from the Department of Intelligence Against Organized Crime of the Argentine Federal Police.

According to what was recorded by official sources of the force, the events began between November 2021 and January of the current year, and the person involved committed the abuses with the consent and cooperation of the mothers of the victims. In one of the cases, the mother of one of the victims was arrested for having facilitated the girl to perpetrate her abuse and corrupt her by mutual agreement.

The modality consisted, as a first step, of achieving an affective bond with the mothers of the minor daughters, since they were in a situation of emotional or psychological vulnerability. Taking advantage of this situation, the accused showed himself to be an understanding and kind person, offering them false promises such as protection, housing, gifts, etc. After strengthening the relationship and achieving trust with these tricks, he convinced them so that their daughters would be incorporated into the couple’s sexual act, as well as taking pornographic photos and videos of the minors, which he would later spread on different social networks. Later, he fled in February of the current year.

It should be noted that with the development of the extensive and immediate investigations ordered by the Specialized Fiscal Unit for Complex Criminal Investigation (UFECRI) in charge of Dr. José María Campagnoli, the uniformed officers established that the person involved was working in a grill position and that in turn, he continued with the same type of crime, capturing women for the same purpose.

With the evidence obtained, the National Criminal and Correctional Court No. 16, in charge of Dr. Mariano Iturralde, ordered the arrest.

Consequently, the police personnel mounted a discreet operation in the area near the bus station located between Quaranta and Santa Catalina avenues, where the accused was arrested in the afternoon, also seizing his cell phone.

The arrested, 52-year-old Argentine, was left at the disposal of the intervening magistrate.

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