They criticize the wife of Andrés Guardado… for taking a nanny to Qatar

Sandra de la Vega, wife of soccer player Andrés Guardado, traveled to Qatar with his baby sistera fact that has divided opinion on social networks, while some accuse it of ‘classism’, others praise the fact.

the too influencers He has shared videos and photographs on social networks in which he is accompanied by the woman who takes care of her childrenin them it is observed that he has accompanied them to the games and even wears the shirt of the Mexican team.

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This fact was not to everyone’s liking, as some users on Twitter criticized the young woman as a companion to Qatar.

A Twitter page posted the photo of Sandra Vegaalong with her children, and, although she does not specify that it is about her, this was highlighted by some users.

Some followers of the player reported that their babysitter always accompanies them on all trips, and that of Qatar It’s not a first time thing.

“It’s the Andres Guardado’s wife and the girl takes care of the children on all the trips, she always appears in the photos”.

While some recognized the fact, others criticized “She doesn’t go on vacation, do you think they take her to enjoy? They take her so that she can take care of the children 24/7”, pointed out one user.

Sandra de la Vega is the wife of Andres Guardado He took the little lady to hold the girl while she records,” says another of the comments.

Andrés Guardado and his family are in Qatarsince the Betis player participates as part of the Mexican team.

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