They demand to clarify resignations in Semarnat before pressures by Train

Iris Velázquez / Reforma Agency

Saturday, May 14, 2022 | 20:33

Juarez City.- Senators demanded that the federal government clarify the resignations of three directors of the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat), warning that behind them there could be fear or authoritarianism.

Reforma published that three officials submitted their resignation on May 15 amid pressure to advance the Environmental Impact Statement (MIA) in the Mayan Train works.

They were the directors of Environmental Impact, Juan Manuel Torres Burgos; of Air Quality and Emissions Registry, Adolfo Cimadevilla Cervera, and of Integral Management of Materials and Risky Activities, Ricardo Ortiz Conde.

In this regard, PAN member Xóchitl Gálvez, a member of the Committee on the Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change, indicated that since they came from the previous administration of Víctor Toledo -who in turn resigned due to differences with the presidential policy on environmental matters- they sense disagreements.

“First it was Secretary Toledo, as far as I understand, because he was not willing to grant such hasty environmental impact statements, at least that was what was known at the time, that he had his differences with the President of the Republic, because he was a man who came from the academy and who had a certain responsibility with the environment,” he said.

Based on this, it estimated that the three officials could object, refuse to authorize or sign documents or made opinions that were not well received by Semarnat.

“These directors who had stayed, surely know the dimension of an infrastructure work like the one that is intended to be done,” he said.

“They have turned it around with some partial impacts there, but the time has come when they make the great environmental impact, adding all the partial impacts and surely, because this work has serious problems because it passes through a biosphere reserve, because it they have to make land use changes from forestry to services, and it seems that the president wants to omit these procedures.

“When the president leaves, well, he leaves, and who is going to go to jail? Well, the one who signed the environmental impact, nor the Secretariat; the poor director of the area, the poor deputy director who is the one who signs, well It is the one that is going to go wrong, because clearly an in-depth study has not been done on the new line, especially on Section 5,” he added.

He recalled that there are already legal resources against the work, such as the complaint against whoever is responsible for cutting down trees without having the environmental impact studies.

“I suppose that those people refused to sign (…) they refused to comply with the president’s whim. I suppose that this is the reason, but more than resignation, perhaps I dare to say it, that they must have fired. Well, there is pressure on them and they prefer to resign,” he said.

“The massive resignation, well, it does send a message to the Secretariat, hopefully it understands that it is doing something wrong. How come three directors resign at the same time? It means that they are not willing to continue violating the law either. call an environmentalist must feel a deep pain for the ecological disaster that is intended to be carried out with the Mayan Train.

“I first celebrate that they decide to resign before submitting to the authoritarianism of this government, because it is an authoritarian government and that is good, because finally, at some point someone is going to pay for these environmental crimes. It will not be the president, because he does not sign ” , he urged.

Meanwhile, Miguel Ángel Mancera, of the PRD and also a member of this Commission in the Senate, stressed that this matter must be clarified.

He indicated that the resignation raises alarms that must be addressed and the reasons of the officials must be made transparent.

“The Environmental Impact Statement, especially in this case, is essential and also that its preparation is transparent and legal,” he demanded.

“The resignation of the directors turns yellow lights, sows suspicions and therefore the Permanent Commission should request an explanation or request appearances from the head of Semarnat,” was the call of the supporter of Sol Azteca.

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