They denounce a "organized robbery" in a house in City Bell and point to a commando group

Neighbors of a sector of City Bell are on alert after the attack by a commando group that ransacked a house in a matter of minutes with a coordinated modus operandi.

As indicated by the owner through a publication on social networks, the episode was recorded last Saturday the 12th at night in the area of ​​464 and 15 A. “It was around 9:50 p.m. and it didn’t last more than 20 minutes”indicated and, immediately afterwards, he went on to explain the modality of the band.

“They moved as follows: They saw us leave the car from the garage, they chased us (in a gray Ford Focus and a black Gol Trend) for a block and a half, and since they made sure that we continued on, they turned around to face our house.”recounted.

Later, the neighbor assured: “In the middle of the block a ‘couple’ walked down and the cars continued to park in front of the house. As the couple arrives, they open the door/jumping/struggling. One of them stayed at the door with a gun The other members took turns one by one to enter the home.”continued.

Part of the sequence was filmed on security cameras on the block, whose captures were attached to the publication. The criminals acted with complete tranquility and various valuables that were in the place escaped. “This was a robbery of a total of six people (five men and one woman)”complete.

At the time, those involved were not identified, so the victim requests that the investigation be speeded up to catch them, since “the process is very slow”.

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