They denounce abandonment of a person after the death of a young woman with cancer

Thursday, October 14, 2021 | 8: 23hs.

“I had to go to denounce both who was my sister’s partner and his parents, because they abandoned her, handed us over to her without strength and soon after she passed away.”

The crude testimony corresponds to Johana Da Silva, sister of Yamila Da Silva (26), who on October 1 died at the Madariaga Hospital in Posadas as a result of a multi-organ failure she suffered after an emergency intervention to which she had to undergo the advance of neck cancer and that -according to the family of the deceased-, it was detected late due to negligence and lack of care on the part of her partner and her in-laws, with whom the victim lived in an area Rural Garden America.

Due to this fact, on behalf of her family and Yamila’s two young children, ages 4 and 8, Johana filed a complaint with the Jardín América Police Station for abonement against her sister’s partner, Lucas A., and the man’s parents. And, in parallel, he initiated the rigorous requests to manage the custody of his two nephews before the local Family Court.

During an interview with this medium, Johana remarked that her sister’s ailments occurred in the humble home that the young woman shared with her partner and in-laws in El Bonito neighborhood, where in recent months her state of health suffered a sharp deterioration , with pictures of malnutrition and dehydration, included.

The woman said that Yamila started with a sore throat that looked like angina, but that as the days went by she never showed improvement. It was for this reason that he stopped visiting his sisters.

As a result of this, Johana, along with her other sister Romina and her mother went to look for Yamila and said that they found her in a state of total abandonment by her partner.

“The husband never paid for a social work for her so we had to pay for all the consultations and little by little she was regaining her weight, she was evolving well, but there was one day that I went to work on the farm and her husband arrived. she and she was forced to take her away, taking my sister with tears in her eyes, ”said the interviewee.

Then, he added that on September 2, Yamila’s health condition worsened and that for that reason the man had no choice but to take his partner to his sisters’ house because the young woman was very “malnourished, dehitradata , with the mouth glued to the skin and almost lifeless ”.

No possibility of assistance

In that instance, and after Johana’s repeated consultations for the reason of such poor health, the young woman replied that it was her partner who refused to provide medical assistance and that even the man allegedly told her that she was lying about her pain.

She also said her in-laws were opposed to her seeking help at the Jardín América hospital.

“My sister was dying. My despair was so great because a member of my family was leaving me in my arms and that is why we had to take her to the hospital here. We also went to the specialist center and they referred her to Posadas, although we had to return shortly after to Jardín América and as my sister was leaving, we took her again to the local hospital, they admitted her and gave her serum, but her health did not improve and with few vital signs we returned to Posadas where he ended up dying ”, he added.

It was in the provincial capital where the doctors detected that Yamila had cancer that had advanced much of the neck and that she urgently needed an operation.

For this, he would also require a platinum implant due to the sensitivity of the area affected by the tumor.

According to the statements of the interviewee, two days before the intervention and after a tube change, the food tube had a slight deviation that caused the liquid to end up in the lung instead of reaching the stomach, which caused a pneumonia that hours later led her to intensive care.

By then the prognosis of the doctors was very disappointing as a result of how weak the patient’s organs were. Despite the fact that on Friday, October 1, Yamila overcame the operation, that same afternoon she had a multi-organ failure that caused her death.

Two days later, the family filed the complaint with the Police and, according to what this medium was able to find out with sources involved in the case, the police summary has not yet reached the Investigative Court Two of Jardín América.

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