They denounce hunting against opponents of the 4T

M. Martínez / A. Baranda / Reform Agency

Tuesday, August 24, 2021 | 05:00

Mexico City— Opposition leaders and legislators denounced that the accusation against the PAN member Ricardo Anaya for allegedly having received bribes to approve the energy reform is a sign that the Government of the 4T uses justice to persecute opponents.

“What we are seeing is selective justice, because this Government is what it has dedicated itself to, to persecute the opposition (…) and we do not see the same performance of the Prosecutor’s Office to solve the crisis of insecurity and violence that we are experiencing. ”Said the PAN deputy Pilar Ortega.

He recalled that Anaya is one of the most visible leaders of the PAN, in addition to having openly expressed his desire to compete for the Presidency in 2024.

The FGR accused Anaya of receiving bribes and was summoned next Thursday for a hearing that seeks to charge him with money laundering, bribery and criminal association.

The leaders of the PRI, PAN and PRD were yesterday in Washington at the headquarters of the OAS and accused the government of using the FGR in a factious manner. “He has dedicated himself to persecuting all the political leaders of the opposition that he considers a threat to the continuity of his project,” says a complaint filed by the opposition bloc “Va por México.”

Yesterday morning the PAN member Ricardo Anaya confirmed that he had already received a summons from the FGR to appear in the prison on Thursday and said that they want to give him 30 years in prison.

“I don’t believe the most liar president in history. I know perfectly well that if I enter the Prison, as López Obrador kindly proposes, they will not let me out. How am I going to believe in a fair trial when they start by altering the file and changing Lozoya’s statement to be able to accuse me, “he said in a video posted on his social networks.

After the message from the PAN, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador attacked Anaya and asked him to comply with the summons from the Judiciary to respond to the accusations.

“Let him show up, show his face. Which owes nothing fears nothing. But don’t blame me, don’t be a fool. It’s easy for them right? say: they chase me, they chase me. Better that he go and testify, and show that he did not receive money and go ahead, “he said in his morning conference.

“It doesn’t affect going to jail when you’re innocent, because when you’re a social fighter, when you fight for a cause, you can go to jail and, contrary to feeling bad, a leader becomes stronger. How many leaders have gone to jail and are getting out, “said AMLO.

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