They deny the release of the dentist accused of attacking a man with a scalpel

The Court of Guarantees No. 6 of La Plata, in charge of Augustine Crispus, denied release to dentist accused of stabbing 53-year-old manafter a traffic accident that occurred on April 7, at 51 between 16 and 17. After the ruling, the professional will remain in custody and will be transferred to a prison unit in the city.

The dentist was charged with the crime of “minor injuries”. The request was made by the prosecutor who understands the case, betina lackihead of UFI No. 2.

After knowing the ruling, the lawyers of the person involved advanced that they will appeal the resolution and considered that the determination of the prosecution is “inappropriate”.


It all happened on Thursday afternoon, April 7, when two cars collided in 51 between 16 and 17 and, after exchanging a few words, one of the drivers injured the other with a sharp object that has not yet been identified.

The dentist, 30 years old, He was driving a gray BMW and fled after the attack, to the point that he left his car abandoned at the scene.

At the time, police sources told that the other car, a red Fiat Palio, with two occupants, had parked in a legal manner and the owner of the imported car wanted to do the same ahead, but with the tip of the hitch (to secure the trailers) it hit the bumper of the another vehicle. After the crash and after arguing in the middle of the street, one of the men who was inside the Palio noticed that blood was running from him: when he looked at himself, he saw that his leg was bleeding profusely. Official sources believe that, with a sharp element (which could be some instrument), the dentist caused the cut about 10 centimeters long.

An ambulance from the Emergency Medical Care Service (SAME) was present in the area and helped the 52-year-old victim, who is out of danger. In any case, they had to sew up the wound and give him several stitches, while the owner of the BMW fled. However, Justice is after him since he forgot a credential in the vehicle.

After an intense search, the dentist was found at his workplace in the 9 between 35 and 36 assistance center. Personnel from the First Police Station carried out the investigation and DDI La Plata agents captured him on Friday afternoon, moments that They were recorded on video.

The 30-year-old was accused of the crime of “injuries” in a file processed by UFI No. 2, by Betina Lacki. Although it is a releaseable crime, the professional’s flight behavior puts him in a more complicated place since it obstructs judicial action

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