They destroy Venga la Alegría for “vulgar” section for women

They destroy Venga la Alegría for “vulgar” section for women

Come Joy is undergoing many changes in recent times due to the restructuring of TV Azteca after the departure of Sandra SmesterDirector General of Contents, who left for Telemundo.

That is why since the beginning of the year the Ajusco television station has made great changes, among which were several hosts of its morning show.

as we told you in The Truth News, the changes in TV Azteca continue, so Maru Silva, current producer of the program, now wants at all costs to surpass the program today, so now it has launched a new section that has been highly criticized.

Venga la Alegría opens section

The new section of the program is called Good Morning, Mamá, where Enrique Mayagoitia took the role of teacher and teaches the mothers of families who are at home the English language.

However, what has attracted attention is that several models in swimsuits came out for the morning program section with a sign with the name of the color with which their underwear matched.

“I know that you learn visually at home,” said Enrique Mayagoitia, which has generated the indignation of Internet users, who criticized the program for a vulgar section.

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Current Venga la Alegría hosts

 Current Venga la Alegría hosts

Current Venga la Alegría hosts

In recent days, TV Azteca’s morning show has had major changes with the addition of various talents, so the cast of presenters has had a renewal.

The conductors of Venga La Alegría They are Mauricio Barcelata, Sergio Sepúlveda, Patricio Borghetti, Kristal Silva, Laura G, Flor Rubio, Annette Cuburu and Enrique Mayagoitia.

While for their weekend edition they are Rafa Balderrama, Carlos Chicken Muñoz, Esmeralda Ugalde, Marcela López, Alana Lliteras and Mati Álvarez.

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