They discover in Greece an archaeological site from 8 thousand years ago at the bottom of the Aegean Sea

A team of archaeologists and divers from Greece they found the remains of an ancient agricultural settlement dating back to 6000 BC The discovery will allow researchers to learn more about the practices of the first populations that settled on the Aegean Sea.

The discovery took place at a depth of between five and seven meters near the coast of the Ayios Petros isletwhich belongs to the archipelago of the Sporades Islands (center of the European country), according to what was reported by the Ministry of Culture of Greece.

The island where the settlement was found.

The researchers from Greece they found constructions of dry stone, walls and ceramics. In addition, they discovered embankments under the sand. These findings led scientists to solve continue with the underwater excavations in the coming years in order to unravel what life was like for the population that lived in this place in the Neolithic period and that left traces of this settlement, the oldest in the region.

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