They discover that you can drive underwater in CoD: Warzone 2

A Warzone 2 player has made a smart move, driving a truck into the ocean to escape the bounty hunters that were following him. While the core gameplay may be similar to the original Warzone experience, Infinity Ward has made a few changes, such as the inclusion of being able to swim.

An important feature that comes from Modern Warfare 2, and Warzone 2 keeps the exploration aquatic, as well as serving as a solid way to take enemy players by surprise.

Since the release of Warzone 2, players have found many ways to take advantage of the systems and mechanics to create unique moments. Some of these moments are the direct result of a bug or possibly an overlooked mechanic, like the aforementioned swimming.

On the Call of Duty: Warzone subreddit, a user named Guilty_Possibility47 accidentally discovered a mechanic that Infinity Ward probably never considered. While driving one of Warzone’s infamous trucks, Guilty goes into the water, and surprisingly, the game acts as if he’s driving on land.

The truck maintains its normal speed, and proceeds to drive in a straight line until reaching the shore on the other side, unharmed and not lacking in oxygen. When swimming, an oxygen meter sees to it that players come up for breath, but when driving a vehicle, it seems that the game doesn’t register that the player is underwater and therefore can stay down there indefinitely.

While many reactions have been surprising, some are concerned that as Call of Duty: Warzone players discover this cheat, it will become a major part of the meta until Infinity Ward steps in to fix it via an update.

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