They don’t just break it in Colo Colo! Gabriel Suazo and Pablo Solari compete for the trophy for “Celebrity Streamer of the Year”

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The captain and the Pibe were nominated because, without being gamers, they were successfully integrated into the transmissions on the Twitch platform.

Suazo and Solari compete for the award for Celebrity Streamer of the year
© Sebastian Orders / Colo ColoSuazo and Solari compete for the award for Celebrity Streamer of the year

While Colo Colo prepares to face the final stretch of the National Championship, there are two of his players who are making news off the field after a particular nomination.

It is about Gabriel Suazo and Pablo Solari, who are competing for the award for the “Celebrity Streamer of the Year”, which will be delivered at the end of the second edition of Nexoplay’s Gamer Weekend, within the framework of the “Hall of Fame”, that will distinguish the best of the video game industry and streamers of this 2021.

After his nomination, the captain of the Cacique stated that “I still can’t believe this is all serious. I never thought that something that started as a hobby … that I used to get a little out of the stress of the games or the training sessions that I have, would begin to be so important and it would begin to give me all this kind of satisfaction “.

“The truth is that I am very grateful for everything… for the support they give me in football and now as a streamer. Seriously, thank you very much! Let’s go for more, this is just beginning! “, added the one trained in the Albo Seedbed.

The left back and El Pibe are two of the five nominees in this category, which seeks to reward to those who, without being gamers, have been integrated into the Twitch platform with considerable success in their broadcasts.

To vote for one of the two nominated albos, you can do so on the page Among those who vote, a complete next-generation gamer set up and almost $ 1,000 in prizes will be raffled off.

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