& quot; They don’t know what they are & quot;: Facu Mazzei revealed unpublished details about the romance of Flor Vigna and Castro

Flor Vigna and Luciano Castro have become the couple of the moment, since their romance was confirmed the national press has not been able to stop talking about them or looking for them in the places they frequent, in order to obtain more details of a courtship that was completely unexpected. . Likewise, the main show programs have come to their closest friends to obtain details of this fantastic joint and that is why Facu Mazzei spoke about it in “La Previa de La Academia”.

The faithful companion of Flor Vigna In “Showmatch: La Academia” he broke up with Lourdes Sanchez and let it be known how he met her new love. the dancer: “I had known for a long time. He sent everything, super gentleman, incredible. Florencia is eating the churrasco from Argentina! When he told me, I told him: I want to know him now!. In the same way, he told how his first meeting with Luciano was:

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