They evict Cablebús users and train them outside the station for a drill

Photo: Jonas Lopez.

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As part of the protocol applied during the National Drill 2022the users of the Indios Verdes Terminal ofto Cablebus Line 1 They were evicted from the facilities and lined up on the station esplanade.

Once the seismic alert sounded at 12:19 p.m., police and security personnel Cablebús began to evict users who were inside the terminal.

At the same time, the cable car cabins stopped with everything and users on board.

Authorities informed users that all Cablebus systems would be reviewed as part of the drill.

After about 8 minutes the users continued their journey and the cablebus restarted operations.

Some users indicated that it was the first time in a transport system that they were asked to vacate the station and, in an orderly manner, form lines of 10 people.

“I saw it very orderly, that is, there was order, I say that it was good because right now it is a drill, but in real life, let’s hope it does not happen, because we already know what to do. It is the first time (that they ask him to train ) was very practical and fast,” said Carlos Antonio, a user.

Cruz Díaz, manager of Cablebús Line 1, indicated that the evacuation of users to the esplanades only occurs in 1-level stations, when they are facilities with more floors, the withdrawal is carried out at meeting points established within the facilities.

“This is the security protocol established in the Cablebús system, we have an action protocol that tells us that in the presence of an accident, the important thing is to evict users so that they do not remain in the facilities,” he said.

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