They exchange seeds to conserve the Mayan milpa

Preserving native corn varieties and promoting traditional Mayan knowledge associated with the milpa is very important and necessary, since this activity is currently at risk for this ancestral knowledge, he commented in an interview with The Truth NewsDr. Javier Mijangos Cortés, a researcher from the Natural Resources Unit of the Yucatan Scientific Research Center (CICY), who last weekend held the 2022 Milpa Seed Meeting in the municipality of Peto.

They exchange seeds to conserve the Mayan milpa

Doctor Javier Mijangos Cortés, researcher at the Natural Resources Unit of the Yucatan Scientific Research Center (CICY)

What factors are threatening the Mayan milpa?

The first threat is the climatic one, since the peninsula is exposed to constant meteorological events such as hurricanes that destroy the crops of even an entire region; and the second is urban growth in areas that were previously dedicated to cultivation.

How was this Seed Encounter carried out?

The 2022 edition of the Seed Meeting had the participation of more than 40 producers, farmers, milperas and milperos from Yucatán and Quintana Roo, who met in the main park of the Xoy police station, in the municipality of Peto, where they met they exhibited a great diversity of seeds of maize, ibes, pumpkins and some food crops.

How did you see the response of the interested public?

The assistance was very positive, we had dozens of people who came to sell or exchange seeds and even the municipal president of Peto, Renán Jiménez Tah, thanked the academic institutions for their interest in undertaking scientific projects focused on conserving traditional Mayan knowledge related to the cornfield

What was there to promote the Mayan milpa?

In addition to the exhibition, exchange and sale of seeds, a science activity was held for high school youth, four talks with experts in areas related to the milpa, a cultural program by the House of Culture of Peto and a exhibition of science dissemination posters of the milpa project.

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Who were part of these academic activities?

The invited speakers were Dr. Jorge Ramírez Silva, from INIFAP, Dr. Esaú Ruíz Sánchez, from the Conkal Technological Institute, Dr. Juan Calderón Cruz, from the Tizimín Technological Institute, and teacher Fabiola Cardeña Echalaz from CICY.

Any last message for the producers?

Just to thank the trust of the producers and milperos who attended the meeting to sell or exchange their seeds of crops related to the milpa, in order to conserve this activity that is increasingly put at risk, due to the generational change in the families, the growth of urban areas and mainly due to the impact of hurricanes and lack of rain in the region.

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