They filed the complaint against Judge Gerardo Casco

Thursday, October 14, 2021 | 8:21 am.

21 days after the controversy that was generated from a procedure deployed by five members of the Second Section of Regional Unit VIII of San Vicente on provincial route 13, where they requested documentation from a truck driver who was transporting soy beans and which led to the intervention of the local investigating judge Gerardo Casco for an alleged complaint from the owner of the cargo, yesterday the members of the Judges and Missions Officials Prosecution Jury gave course to the analysis of the complaint filed by the aforementioned police officers against the magistrate for mistreatment and abuse of authority that they claim to have lived during the aforementioned operation.

In a meeting that took place yesterday morning at the Posadas Palace of Justice, the members of the jury took formal notice of the presentation made on September 29 and, as is customary in the face of this type of lawsuit, they asked the court to Casco presides over the submission of the judicial file containing the trucker’s complaint against the officers.

As a result, and given the imminent inhibition of Casco as the recipient of the complaint, it is expected that the certified copy requested by the jury will be sent by a surrogate judge who, in this case, would be the head of the Civil, Labor Court and Commercial from the same city.

According to spokespersons consulted by this morning, the approach to the complaint against the magistrate consisted of the request for said preliminary proceedings and for now there is no date for a second hearing to deal with the case.

The Jury was chaired by Minister Rosanna Pía Venchiarutti Sartori and made up of her peers Jorge Antonio Rojas and Cristian Marcelo Benítez; in addition to the deputies, Rafael Pereyra Pigerl and Jorge Ubaldo Ratier Berrondo, and the lawyers Sebastián Leonardo Levitt and Cristhian Ariel Rojas González.

The document presented to the jury by the police is made up of 28 pages where it was recorded that the five officers, at all times, sought to request the transport papers in question.

In the same document they clarified that at all times there was a respectful treatment between the acting personnel and the truck driver, who had to wait approximately 30 minutes to continue on his way, after having the approval from the authorities of the Misiones Tax Agency. (ATM).

Among the material presented by the police officers are attached different documentation, including film media, audios and WhatsApp chats.

The operative

It all started last Thursday, September 23 in San Vicente. Around 9:00 p.m., members of the Second Police Station carried out a routine traffic control on provincial route 13, at kilometer 48, and a Scania 340G truck arrived at the scene carrying a load of soybeans.

Four uniformed men who were stationed on the route proceeded to carry out a control of the rolling and documentation of the cargo, for which the communication mechanisms with the ATM tax police were articulated.

While awaiting the response from ATM, the march of the truck driven by a 25-year-old young man was interrupted, but at that time two men arrived who presented themselves as owners of the cargo, who apparently questioned the procedure and communicated by telephone with Magistrate Casco.

After a few minutes, the ATM response arrived and the result was that the cargo documentation was in order, so the truck was released again to continue its journey to El Soberbio.

Far from leaving the issue there, a while later Casco himself arrived at the place, who previously and by telephone would have consulted with the authorities of Regional Unit VIII if there were directives to carry out control over provincial route 13.

According to sources consulted by this medium, in that same telephone communication the magistrate ordered the presence at the scene of a police authority and the personnel of the Investigation Brigade.

For this reason, the post was then attended by the UR deputy chief, inspector commissioner Bruno Duarte, who was given directives to completely lift the control.

At the same time, the magistrate also ordered that the four uniformed men who were in the street, together with the auxiliary officer and head of the intervening police station, be delayed in a sectional. Their service weapons were also seized.

In that instance, the UR deputy chief did not comply with the order as he did not understand the purpose of the measure and the judge would have slipped the possibility of requesting the intervention of the Argentine National Gendarmerie (GNA) in the event.

Consequently, the officers involved were transferred to the First Police Station, while the owner of the cargo and the driver went to the headquarters of the Regional Unit under the recommendation to file a complaint.

However, in the presentation or exhibition, the truck driver did not refer to having suffered any irregularity and for this reason the policemen were released.

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