They fill Johnny Orosco’s nephew with praise in networks and affirm: “He did inherit the voice”

Marisol Mendez

A video of Bill Orosconephew of singer Johnny Orosco, went viral on TikTok, in which he performs “Ask the Moon”, a classic song by the group Néctar.

The young man received praise for his undeniable talent and several comments mentioned his cousin Deyvis Orosco.

“Talent was inherited by another member of the family”; “He does sing”; “He did inherit Johnny’s voice”; “He does sing, Deyvis does not”, without some of the comments.

Johnny Orosco’s nephew is viral on TikTok

So far, little is known about Bill Orosco, the video was uploaded by a person who identifies himself as a friend of the young man.

TROME - Johnny Orosco's nephew sings classic Néctar theme and receives praise:
Johnny Orosco’s nephew sings classic Néctar theme and receives praise: “He did inherit the voice”


Bill Orosco is a young singer who little by little makes his way in the musical environment. The videos of him are already shared on social networks, where many have described him as ‘a worthy successor to his uncle Johnny Orosco’.

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