They filter the first images of the novel Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (Spoilers)

New images of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie have appeared; however, keep in mind that there will be BIG SPOILERS FOR DRAGON BALL SUPER: SUPER HERO AHEAD.

The new images were posted on Twitter by @DBSHype1 and originally come from the official Japanese novelization of the film. The images show a clearer aspect of ‘Gohan Final’, the last transformation of the young Saiyan to increase his power, and Cell Max, a new incarnation of the classic villain of Dragon Ball Z genetically created, who awakens during the film’s final battle.

The images are black and white, so viewers will have to use their imaginations to apply Cell Max’s new red color scheme and Cell Max’s new form of white hair. Gohanbut the images show the enormous scale of the new villain, which is very large.

The images also reveal how Cell Max, (who is so strong that Gohan figures that even Goku and Vegeta would have trouble defeating him), he is ultimately killed. While Gohan defeated the original Cell with one of Goku’s signature attacks, the Kamehameha, this time the half-Saiyan dispatches the new version of the villain by firing a “Makankōsappō” while he is in his new “Final” form.

The choice of the final attack is appropriate, given that the film focuses on the link between Gohan Y Piccoloand that his attack is one of the special attacks characteristic of the namek warrior.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero opened in Japan on June 11, and spoilers for the film immediately flooded social media and bulletin boards within hours of the Japanese release. In addition to Final Gohan and Cell Max, images of a second new Piccolo form have also surfaced online, giving the former villain an orange color and a glowing symbol on his back.

This new form would have been given to him by Shenron, the Eternal Dragon. The second form is in addition to the “Unlocked Potential” form that was shown in many of the movie trailers, which instead gives Piccolo a golden appearance.

The latest film in the Dragon Ball franchise will be released in America on August 19 via Crunchyroll.

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