They find the body of a woman with signs of having been beaten in San Juan de Miraflores

They find the body of a woman with signs of having been beaten in SJM
They find the body of a woman with signs of having been beaten in SJM

The neighbors of High Pamplonain the district of Saint John of Miraflores, they found the lifeless body of a woman of approximately 30 years. The remains were found on a sports slab in the sector.

According to the first investigations, witnesses in the area say that the woman was arguing with a subject, who apparently would be her sentimental partner. Both were fighting in this place late at night last Saturday. However, early on Sunday, they became aware of the fatal scene.

“The body was found at approximately 6 in the morning, we (PNP) have been alerted by the neighbors. The body is full of blows and apparently the woman would have been strangled by the mark around her neck. The body was half-naked,” said a police officer from the police station in Saint John of Miraflores to the media.

The residents of the place were mortified with this finding, since many claimed to have seen her arguing with a subject, but no one imagined that everything would end in a fatality.

In addition, the police are investigating the origin of the woman, because at the time of the discovery she did not have any documentation to identify her.

Investigation Details

Agents of the Pamplona II Police StationDepincri PNP de Saint John of Miraflores and personnel from the Public Ministry arrived at the place in Pamplona Alta to start the investigation procedure in order to gather important information on this alleged femicide.

PNP investigates possible femicide in SJM.
PNP investigates possible femicide in SJM.

The images from the security cameras will be vital in the investigations of the case, because they captured a couple arguing at dawn very close to the field where the remains of the woman

As detailed by RPP Noticias, a security camera records how a couple begins to struggle and even the woman is physically assaulted by a subject who was wearing a shirt. All this occurs minutes before midnight and very close to this sports slab.

Criminalistics experts and the Prosecutor’s Office are already in the corresponding inquiries until they find out what happened so that his attacker ended his life.

Due to the motive for the crime and the way the body was found, the National Police of Perudoes not rule out that it is a femicide.

The neighbors of the sports slab “Ollantay”, They mentioned that this place has become a “no man’s land”, after criminals enter this recreational space to get high, steal and carry out other types of crimes, that is why the community of Saint John of Miraflores He called on the police and municipal authorities to protect the area so that young people and children can enjoy this space without any problem.


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