They found a landline phone in the cell of "Guille" Stonemason in Marcos Paz Prison

Suspected by the latest shooting at the Criminal Justice Center, which occurred last Wednesday, they requisitioned the cell of the leader of Los Monos Ariel Máximo “Guille” Cantero from the Marcos Paz federal prison and found a telephone line.

The procedure was ordered by prosecutors Franco Carbone and Federico Rébola, who worked with the Mercedes DDI. The head of the narco gang is accused for attacking the homes of judges, police and judicial buildings; and in the oral and public debate they asked for 24 years in prison for him.

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The operation this Monday was carried out by the DDI of Mercedes, with jurisdiction in Marcos Paz, at the request of prosecutors Carbone and Federico Rébola, who sent an injunction to the Mercedes Court that authorized the measure. Now, Prosecutors issued new trades to find out since when the leader of Los Monos has a fixed line.

Cantero did not participate this Monday in the second hearing of the oral and public debate, arguing that he was going to receive a visit from his wife. He is accused by prosecutors Matías Edery, Gastón Ávila, Miguel Moreno and Aníbal Vescovo in the trial of planning seven of the fifteen attacks to the homes of judges, police officers, judicial buildings and headquarters of the former Investigative Police (PDI).

This Monday, the police who participated in the first two attacks, which occurred on the night of May 29, 2018, began to testify in the homes of the president of the court of first instance that convicted Los Monos.


Prosecutors are calling for the leader of Los Monos 24 years in prison (which are added to several dozen others that he already accumulates) on crimes committed from prison. Two of the police officers who declared they work at the 911 emergency center and after the first attacks answered calls from people who have not yet been identified who demanded: “We are here the band of the Cantero and Los Monos, let go of him, because we are going to grab him from the judge. We blow up the whole house of the judge and we kill him, we are going to kidnap this, we are saying it now live ”.

Before the cross-questions that the operator of the emergency center made, the subject insisted with the request. “Release all the monkeys because we killed them all, I’m telling you seriously don’t screw around because we killed all of you, let go of Los Monos ”.


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