They fractured the skull of a bricked 18-year-old boy in La Plata and he is seriously ill

An 18-year-old boy ended up hospitalized in serious condition after being injured by a brick hit in the head by another young man of the same age in La Plata. Police sources reported that the incident occurred this Wednesday in the town of Hernández, in the middle of a violent discussion for reasons that did not transpire.

The truth is that, in the middle of the conflict, one of the involved took a brick and hit the other, causing a serious injury: “They fractured his skull”spokesmen expressed. This situation led to the intervention of the Police, which, in the first place, arrested the aggressor in 513 between 134 bis and 135, the place where the violent incident took place.

The victim, meanwhile, was referred urgently to the San Roque hospital from Gonnet, where she was assisted by medical staff and was hospitalized in a reserved state.

For his part, the attacker was apprehended for the crime of “serious injuries” and will be investigated by the prosecutor Marcelo romero, in charge of UFI N ° 6 of the La Plata Judicial Department.

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