They give consular protection to 4 Mexicans in Qatar

Mexico City.- At the end of the Mexico match against Poland, four Mexican tourists requested consular protection in Qatar, reported the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE).

“Mexico’s match against Poland ended, we had the opportunity to provide consular protection to four people, we will be giving timely follow-up to their cases,” said Vanessa Calva Ruíz, general director of consular protection of the SRE.

According to the official, all the cases were of a minor nature, however, it is reported that two were due to drunkenness, another for carrying additional tickets and another for carrying an excessive amount of money.

“Update-the 4 cases were resolved satisfactorily; we gave timely follow-up and maintained constant communication with authorities and people,” Calva Ruíz reported.

In addition to providing help outside the stadiums, the SRE’s consular protection also handles cases through social networks and emergency telephone numbers.

It should be remembered that the Mexico Center was also inaugurated in Qatar, installed on the occasion of assisting the Mexican fans in the 2022 Soccer World Cup.

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