They hacked WhatsApp of Joaquín López-Dóriga and this was requested on behalf of the journalist

  • Through his Twitter account, Joaquín López-Dóriga denounced that his WhatsApp account was hacked, asking not to respond to any message or call from his number.
  • This fact adds to the hacks that, for months, have been reported by various political personalities in Mexico.

The WhatsApp of the journalist and former host of Noticieros Televisa, Joaquín López-Dóriga, was hacked this day; he himself reported it through his Twitter account.

Security is one of the values ​​that users demand the most when creating a profile on a certain social network, be it Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, etc. No one is exempt from the fact that, at some point, their data or accounts are hacked by experts in the field.

Although we can say that, at present, platforms such as Messenger, WhatsApp, among others, are already essential, the truth is that they also represent a risk due to the amount of information that is stored.

López-Dóriga’s WhatsApp hacked

Given this, sites like WhatsApp, being the instant messaging service most used by users, is the one that tends to be most dangerous and, consequently, one of the most recently hacked.

This day, at 07:17 a.m., the journalist Joaquín López-Dóriga communicated through Twitter that his WhatsApp account had been hacked.

“Friends, if WhatsApp messages come to you, it’s not me. I will notify you as soon as I recover my account, “wrote the former host of Noticieros Televisa on his social network.

Almost immediately, other drivers and colleagues from López-Dóriga, such as Ciro Gómez Leyva, Paola Rojas and Carlos Marín, expressed having received a message from Joaquín’s number, where, on behalf of the journalist, they were asking for money, as revealed. Paola Rojas.

However, his account was not the only one hacked today, as Javier Jiménez Espriú, former Secretary of Communications and Transportation, also announced that he was hacked from the same social network just a few hours later.

Hacking WhatsApp, a trend that continues to increase

For a few months, there has been a tendency to hack WhatsApp accounts of various political figures.

To mention an example, last October the former soccer player Cuauhtémoc Blanco denounced that his WhatsApp account had been hacked, which is why he was subjected to various cases of extortion, asking his contacts not to respond to any message that came out of his number.

Likewise, last August, Margarita Zavala was among the first to make this type of complaint through her Twitter account, which was later joined by Claudia Anaya, who also expressed being a victim of hacking.

“Someone is asking for money in my name on WhatsApp, at least I see two crimes identity theft and fraud. Here is the name of the account where they are requesting the deposit, I hope the authorities can do something @FGRMexico, “he said on his Twitter account.

As we mentioned at the beginning, no one is exempt from being hacked from their social networks, whatever it may be. In this sense, all users are highly exposed to being victims of different forms of theft of personal data.

Given this, some social networks have stated that they are working on improvements within their platforms to prevent this from continuing to occur. In the case of WhatsApp, a One of the options that both politicians and society have to make is the verification of the WhatsApp account that guarantees the security of your data and privacy.

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