They hold a hearing against Catalino Miranda accused of three crimes

This Thursday, the Third Investigating Court of San Salvador, prosecuted the transport businessman Catalino Miranda in a preliminary hearing, accused of the crimes of resistance, public disorder and sale at a higher price.

Miranda has been in prison since March 18 by order issued by the Tenth Peace Court of San Salvador, in that resolution he was detained for the crime of public disorder, while due to resistance the case only went to the second phase of the process without no measure.

In the same way, the Seventh Court of Peace of San Salvador initiated a criminal proceeding on March 24, 2022 for the crime of selling at a higher price and at the end of the initial hearing the judge imposed alternative measures to detention and the payment of a $5,000 bail, but he was not released because he already had a prison order.


In this second criminal case, the public ministry also accuses the son of the carrier, Adalberto Antonio Miranda Zepeda. As indicated by the Prosecutor’s Office in the file, both are allegedly responsible for having increased the passenger fare on Routes 42 and 152, of which they are the main shareholders.

This second file was prosecuted after complaints received by passengers who were offended by the increase in fares on the routes granted to the defendants.

Abundant evidence has been incorporated into the judicial file on the crimes accused and that points to the defendants with the illegal increase in the passage of the routes that operate under the Acostes Society of El Salvador.

In said accusation it is indicated that the drivers of the routes were charging $0.35 cents for the ticket, despite the fact that the Vice Ministry of Transportation (VMT) had authorized them $0.20, of this increase Miranda and her son were aware according to the fiscal accusation.

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