They investigate strange plane landing in Apóstoles

Wednesday, September 21, 2022 | 3:30 a.m.

Yesterday morning, a problematic landing of an aircraft in the Apóstoles aeroclub broke the flight schedule as it resulted in significant material damage and they had to do a lot of work to clear the runway. There were no injuries and, according to authorities, in addition to the fact that his arrival was not planned, the incident was due to a visibility problem.

The police personnel had to go, around 9:30 am, together with the firefighters to work preliminary on the spot. The crew members, meanwhile, were identified as Juan Vera, Andrés Santillán with the passengers Ferulano Carminatti, Pablo Ramón, Ajay Patel, Kaushal Patel and Juan Gómez, two of them of Indian nationality and another Spaniard, who fortunately were not injured and headed to Virasoro in a vehicle that was waiting for them at the venue.

In a conversation with Radioactiva 100.7, the manager of the flying club, Matías Safrán, clarified: “There was no mistake and it was not an emergency, the plane was left in the middle of the runway. Apparently, he hadn’t seen the runway center line well.”

In relation to the investigations into what happened with the Aero Commander plane, the interviewee explained that since it was an incident without injuries, “I asked the Board of Investigations to release the plane to me as quickly as possible.” This task was carried out with a crane to move the aircraft and “it is outside the margin of the runway and the safety strip.”

Regarding the material damage, he mentioned that the plane “broke the landing gear on one side, the main gear. This causes other parts of the plane to break, such as the propeller that touches the turboprop and the propeller touches the runway.”

“This plane approached, we heard it, then I didn’t hear it anymore and after a while we see it approaching the runway, not aligned to the runway axis but from the side. When it is aligned on the track axis it already makes the touch on the track. That’s where the landing gear breaks,” he explained.

According to police sources, Apóstoles was the only authorized runway in the southern zone to receive small and medium-sized private aircraft due to the closure of the Posadas airport.

In this context, Safrán assured that, normally, the pilots communicate an hour before but “they could not communicate with me and I had no information about this plane that was coming. It was sent from Buenos Aires to Apóstoles without having news of the weather and other information about the situation of Apostles”.

The scheduled route was San Fernando, Buenos Aires, to Apóstoles, Misiones.

The interviewee stated that about half an hour before the unexpected landing, another aircraft had taken off and was delayed precisely because of low visibility.

“After that plane took off we heard this aircraft pass up here, I really did not know, I did not know what aircraft it was or where it came from,” he said.

“We looked for a local frequency but at that time it was not working because we did not have planes scheduled for that time. Besides, we had another Lear 60 that had to come, which was stopped in Ezeiza, which I had stopped at takeoff for when the conditions were right to land here in Apóstoles”.

According to Safran, the mistake was not insisting on communication. On the other hand, when asked about the actions to follow, he commented that they requested images of the plane, photos of its situation and that after removing it from the runway “the Board of Investigation and the owner of the plane will see how it follows in its footsteps to repair it and continue with its treatment with the Board, that is no longer up to us”, he concluded.

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