‘They killed my daughter in the City Hall’

Sonora.- “They killed my daughter in the City Hall, one more only 18 years old,” was part of the message that the mother of Marisol Cuadras, an activist murdered in Guaymas after the 25 N.

The mother of the minor activist pointed out that her 18-year-old daughter was murdered in the Guaymas Municipal Palace while expressing her disagreement.

They killed my daughter, in the middle of the Municipal Palace, expressing their disagreement with everyone, if I am the mother of that woman, one more who was only 18 years old. “

Marisol Cuadras called for the taking of the Municipal Palace of Guaymas

In the morning of this Thursday, November 25, the young woman used her social networks to call for the capture of the Municipal Palace of Guaymas, the place where she was assassinated after participating in the demonstration of the March of 25N.

That was one of the last messages left on her social networks by the environmentalist Marisol Cuadras.

During the armed aggression, in which bursts of large-caliber weapons were heard and later the explosion of a fragmentation grenade, participants in the taking of the National Palace shared moments of when they were in the government compound.

Shocked murder of activist Marisol Cuadras in Guaymas

The murder of Marisol Cuadras during the armed attack that took place in the Municipal Palace shocked Sonoran society and feminist groups that this day came out to demand the elimination of violence against women.

Through social networks, citizens have expressed their condolences to the young activist’s family and at the same time demanded justice so that her murder does not go unpunished.

The member of the Feministas del Mar collective marched on Serdán avenue this day to demand the elimination of violence against women and upon arriving at the Casa de Piedra with her companions a symbolic takeover was held and before leaving she was reached by the bullets that detonated against people who were in the place.

In the armed attack, three people died and one more was injured, which was reported as stable.

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