They launch a date on the possible return of Claudio Bravo: It could be in December “

For some months now, Claudio Bravo has been analyzing the possibility of returning to Chilean football and in particular Colo Colo. The captain of La Roja made public some approaches and jokingly said “they are lentils.”

Daniel Arrieta, a journalist for TNT Sports, has followed the news and referred to possible deadlines for the incorporation of the goalkeeper to the Chief: “Daniel Morón has constant contact with Claudio Bravo. This could happen in December”, assured in Todos Somos Técnicos.

“He has a contract until June next year with Betis and they told me ‘you have to see this semester. He started the season in Spanish football as a substitute, in fact, he has not appeared (as a starter). If Claudio Bravo calls Colo Colo tomorrow and says ‘I’ll come in December’, the doors are open “, added.

One of the complexities of the leadership to advance the talks has to do with the contractual situation of Brayan Cortés, a situation that the journalist also addressed. “In a probable Copa Libertadores, Claudio Bravo enters perfect to compete at the international level. In Colo Colo they wonder what we do with Brayan Cortés? which is a projection archer, which they reversed. It would not be good for Cortés himself if Bravo arrives because he would be on the bench, that is the scenario that occurs, “adds the communicator.

However, the journalist himself advanced the alternative that Colo Colo manages for a goalkeeper trained in Iquique. “The plan for Claudio Bravo to arrive is to sell Brayan Cortés. That would be,” closes the journalist.

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