They launch a survey in Berisso and Ensenada that seeks to encourage organ donation

A team of researchers from the “Floreal Ferrara” School of Government in Health launched a call in the Berisso and Ensenada districts for residents to participate in a survey that seeks to encourage organ donation.

The work, which is also being carried out in other municipalities in the province of Buenos Aires such as Almirante Brown, General Paz, Villa Gesell, Morón and Berazategui, seeks to understand the problem in detail and then develop specific policies to overcome fears, clarify details and stimulate tissue and organ donation.

As reported by the School of Government, the study focuses on investigating the ideas and opinions about the various types and problems associated with donations in the health of those over 18 years of age.

In order to obtain the basic data on this subject, the group of researchers enabled a survey that is completed onlineand which is reached through a simple QR code. It takes a few minutes to complete and the inquiry is anonymous and voluntary.

Based on the information obtained, a report will be prepared with a series of recommendations that are expected to contribute to increasing the donation of biological human material. And for these to be more effective, the survey seeks to “revalue popular knowledge as a contribution to the design and implementation of health policy strategies that promote and strengthen the solidarity culture of donation.”

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