They leave in Chapultepec contamination by mercury and arsenic

CDMX.- The soil of the Fourth Section of the Chapultepec Forest, one of the areas in which the federal government promotes the priority cultural project of the six-year term, was diagnosed with contamination by heavy metals, such as mercury and arsenic, which exceed the limits established by Mexican regulations. and Americans.

For decades, the place was occupied by factories of cartridges, gunpowder and explosives of the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena) and now the Secretary of the Environment (Sedema) of Mexico City is looking for, but has not found, a specialized company to inspect in detail the land and buildings in 73 hectares, as well as leaks into wells and into the Tacubaya River.

Although in its call Sedema assumes that the area will require an environmental remediation project, Sedena has already begun to build six complexes in the area for 120 homes for soldiers, and already awarded, on June 6, a contract for 104 million pesos for the first stage of the National Art Warehouse, which will be right in what was the cartridge factory.

In 2021, a partial study detected concentrations of surface lead, antimony, arsenic, chromium and mercury, which exceed the limits established in the Official Mexican Standard (NOM) for environmental characterization of contaminated sites, as well as the standards of the Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA).

On June 15, Sedema declared the tender to contract the detailed study void.

“The public use of the exterior areas of the Fourth Section of the Chapultepec Forest must be carried out with the guarantee that there are no risks to the health of the visitors, nor to the personnel that will work on the site. To achieve this purpose, it will be necessary the study of contamination by heavy metals in the future Fourth Section and its area of ​​influence”, explained Sedema in the tender.

“Comprehensive solutions will be taken into account that should consider a zone of influence of the defined polygon, in the understanding that environmental elements have no borders,” he added.

Raúl Martínez, a member of the organization Vecinos Unidos Zona Poniente, affirmed that the contamination of soil and water in the neighborhoods surrounding the Fourth Section of the Forest is a reality in the eyes of the neighbors, but that it has not been reflected in transparent studies.

“Studies have been requested and they come out with no resources, but if they want to do projects they have to do them and, as far as we know, there is no hydrological study that has been presented to us. Even the soil mechanics studies that have been done to they, by themselves, have already further contaminated the soil and water by the chemicals that this type of testing requires,” he claimed.

Given this, the group files a complaint with the Federal Public Service Secretariat and the Comptroller of Mexico City for the construction of more military housing and administrative complexes in the area, without transparent studies.

“We are not going to allow the regulations to be violated without proving the legality of their projects, a hydrological study is urgently needed to address the water situation in the area, but above all it implies that the management of water resources be transparent, because there are two wells in the area, Tacubaya 1 and 2, and there is no public information on the extraction of water in those wells and who or who is favored, and if they are contaminated,” he said.

“There is no hydrological inventory in the western zone, if there are no serious data, we cannot move forward (…) (We want) to be informed with studies on how they are going to carry out their projects, how the water quality is, how the soil quality”.

For Martínez, the studies carried out by Sedena and the CDMX Environment Secretariat only serve their interests.

“What these dependencies do is devastate, because it implies urbanizing the Tacubaya Ravine without having the environmental authorization, as long as there is no study and the Environmental Management Program is carried out, there are no powers to authorize anything,” he said.

“They have already given contracts and are already beginning to build (military housing units and buildings of the National Art Warehouse) but the authorizations do not exist and the studies of the projects are not public,” criticized the neighbor.

He regretted that the authorities sell megaprojects such as the Fourth Section of Chapultepec.

“From the outset, the Chapultepec cultural project speaks of a Fourth Section, which actually corresponds to the Tacubaya ravine polygon, that ravine is not managed as a Fourth Section, there is a decree that declares it as an environmental value, but nothing more,” Martínez warned. .

“There is no documentation that says that (the Fourth Section) is part of Chapultepec, while its use as such is illegal,” he launched.

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