They march for justice for the mechanic of Tolosa

They will march from the prosecutor’s office to the cabinet of the ddi, on 1 and 59 / the day

Three weeks after the brutal murder of Alejandro Fernández in his Tolosa mechanical workshop, his family and friends will march today to the La Plata prosecutor’s offices, to demand the urgent clarification of the case and the capture of the person (s) responsible.

The protesters will gather from 3:00 pm on 7 between 57 and 58 “to demand justice for the hero of the La Plata Flood, on April 2,” they assured from the posters with which they invited the mobilization, and then go to the headquarters of the DDI Homicide Cabinet, at 1 and 59.

Fernández was found dead with a bullet in the head in the grave of his workshop on General Belgrano road between 525 and 526.

So far, what is known is that what ended the life of this man who did so much for his neighbors on April 2, 2013, was a cunning and vicious attack.

Apparently, the shot was executed from top to bottom, from left to right, when Fernández was inside the pit. The fact that he did not fall into it after receiving the impact is very important because Fernández “never got into the pit if there were people he did not know,” which points the glances to the victim’s inner circle.

The mobile, meanwhile, remains a mystery that many are struggling to uncover.

The investigations refer to an action aggravated by a feeling of hatred towards the mechanic, despite the fact that all the contacts that this newspaper had in that sector of Tolosa were answers that Fernández “was a gentleman”, “supportive”, “kind” and “Concerned about others.”

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