They murdered a Paraguayan prosecutor in Barú, Cartagena: he was on his honeymoon

Marcelo Pecci, Specialized prosecutor against the Organized Crime, Drug Trafficking, Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism in Paraguay, was assassinated this Tuesday in Cartagena. In events that are the subject of investigations, the murderers would have been men who They were traveling on a jet sky.

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What is known?

According to preliminary information, the men would have arrived on a jet ski and surprised the official with several impacts, fleeing immediately.

At this time, intense operations are being carried out in the area by the Cartagena Metropolitan Police and the National find the capture of those responsible that has been referenced by international media.

“Criminal investigation and intelligence authorities are in the area with Mrs. They are already taking all the corresponding measures and conducting the investigation,” the embassy said.

Authorities in Colombia

Colombian National Policewhich has not yet given official details of the investigation, assured that its director, General George Louis Vargas is moving to Cartagena.

Vargas said that they are already in contact with the Paraguayan Prosecutor’s Office and that they have also “talked with the United States authorities so that they also join the team that Colombia and Paraguay constituted to bring those responsible to justice as quickly as possible”.

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