They point out in INE problems in identifying bodies

Martha Martinez / Reform Agency

Tuesday, September 20, 2022 | 21:52

Mexico City.- Lorenzo Córdova, president of the INE, reported that although they have achieved the technical identification of more than 17,000 fingerprints of bodies found in graves, the processes are pending completion because the forensic services have not been able to determine the legal coincidence of the corpses.

When participating in the sessions of analysis Current Debate on the electoral political framework convened by the Faculty of Law of the UNAM, he indicated that within the framework of the agreements they have signed with the Forensic Medical Services, the Prosecutors’ Offices and the courts of justice, the Institute has received 61 thousand requests for fingerprint identification.

Of these, he pointed out, more than 17,000 have already been identified in the first instance as a result of the verification with the biometric data of the Electoral Register.

“We have received 61 thousand requests for fingerprints, of bodies that have been found in graves, in short, that they cannot be given an identity; of those 61 thousand fingerprints that have been turned over to the INE by virtue of the agreements that we have signed with Semefos, with prosecutors, with courts of justice, etc., we have already achieved the identification, in the first instance, of more than 17,000 of these fingerprints,” he explained.

The rest, he explained, may be the fingerprints of foreigners, poorly taken, that cannot be compared, or of minors that the INE does not have.

Córdova indicated that the verification carried out by the Institute yields a first match with a reliability level of 95 percent.

Despite this, he said, only 4,800 cases have been concluded, due to the inability of the forensic services to determine the legal coincidence of the bodies.

“We cannot deliver that data because they are not ours, they are yours (…) we need an expert opinion by the Semefos, we need an opinion that tells us that these two fingerprints are legally the same, and unfortunately, this has only happened in 4,800 cases,” he said.

The president counselor revealed that there are more than 13 thousand cases to which the Institute could already give identity, but it is not possible due to forensic logic.

“We could already give it an identity, allow the relatives to mourn, but unfortunately what should be invested in these forensic logics has not been invested,” he reiterated.

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