They point to the military and politicians as aggressors of women

Iris Velázquez / Reforma Agency

Tuesday, September 20, 2022 | 22:41

Mexico City.- The main aggressors of women and their children are their partners or former partners. In most cases they are or have military or political ties, and a percentage point below, they are followed by drug traffickers, according to data from the National Network of Shelters (RNR).

The organization reported that in total, from January to August of this year, comprehensive care and support has been provided through its hotlines, social networks and protection spaces to 25,594 people, of which 85 percent are women.

The network documented that the main aggressors of women and children are those close to them.

Of the attackers, 4 out of 10 were the partner of the woman victim of violence, 2 out of 10 were her husband and 2 out of 100 her ex-partner, who are the aggressors of her daughters and sons.

Regarding the profile of the aggressors, the RNR indicated that of the total number of registered cases, the majority (13 percent) have ties to the military or politicians, followed by 12 percent who have links related to drug trafficking.

“Which exacerbates the level of risk and impunity that women face when trying to access comprehensive justice,” the network stressed.

Likewise, 21 percent use weapons; and 29 percent have criminal records.

The types of aggressions reported by the RNR are rapes, attacks with acid and/or corrosive substances, sexual harassment, forced disappearances, and daily murders of women and girls in the country.

In addition to the fact that 134 women have been assisted through the network and reported attempted femicide, which, they accused, were minimized and classified as family violence by the authorities.

It was specified that of the women assisted through the telephone line and social networks, 25 percent reported having been victims of physical violence, 40 percent of psychological violence; 10 percent said they experienced economic violence; 9 percent, patrimonial violence.

While 7 out of 100 women reported experiencing all of the aforementioned violence; six out of 10 women who have children report that their children also experience some type of violence. Likewise, 429 women attended reported having been victims of sexual violence.

They criticized that on the way to justice, an added obstacle is the lack of application of protocols with a gender perspective, the little or no preparation of the authorities that not only prevent the murders of women from being investigated as femicides, but also They inform the women who manage to seek help that they have the right to a shelter, or they dismiss the women’s statements.

“Which they ignored and now they are no longer alive or are being treated for the physical, emotional and integral sequelae after an attempted femicide, such as an acid attack; a fact in which the patriarchal system is an accomplice and gives way to impunity”, he referred.

“Or like the recent case of the Yucatan judge who refused to link a man who hanged his ex-partner twice to a trial for attempted femicide, considering that the victim ‘misunderstood the aggressor’s intentions’, inadmissible and heartbreaking, but a reality that crosses our Mexico,” he added.

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