They point to the Semillero Albo: Colo Colo wants to renew the contracts of Bruno Gutiérrez, Luciano Arriagada and Daniel Gutiérrez

Black and White already visualizes the Colocolino future for 2023 and that is why they are already starting an action plan to renew important players.

© colo coloAlbo Seedbed in Colo Colo

Blanco y Negro left the transfer market and now enters the field of renewals for the future. That is why the signing of Brayan Cortés has already been confirmed, who extended his contract as a Colo Colo player.

But in the directive they not only seek to seal this type of ties, but also think more in the future with names born in the Monumental stadium. A clear example, and that you can read in DaleAlbo, is that of Joan Cruz.

But there are three more names from the Semillero Albo that can extend their career in the biggest team in Chile and, according to Radio ADN, they are Luciano Arriagada, Bruno Gutiérrez and Daniel Gutiérrez. Three great players from our training football.

As DaleAlbo found out, the one who runs with the most advantage, or who has the most approaches, is Bruno Gutiérrez, who has not yet signed a new contract, but in Black and White they already have it planned to stay until 2026.

Daniel Morón is already beginning with the formation for next year, where he will seek to secure a large part of the squad for the aspirations that Gustavo Quinteros has in mind in the coming 2023.

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