They present the first boss of Halo Infinite made entirely within the Forge mode

In early September 343 Industries announced that players of Halo: Infinity They will have to wait until November 8 to test the forge mode officially, because that is when the open beta begins. However, the community has been working with an incomplete version and someone already created the first boss made this way.

For a few months now, some Halo: Infinite players have been able to access an incomplete version of Forge mode and have been submitting their creations, which become increasingly complex as they better understand its tools. This week the player Klen created the first boss made entirely in this mode and posted a video showing it off:

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Klen posted the video showing off his original Halo Infinite boss this weekend on his YouTube channel, where we can see that the mode allows you to create objects that move, attack, and can be destroyed. Although Klen decided to create a boss, it will also be possible to create common enemies this way.

This is considered by some in the Halo: Infinite community to be the best Forge mode build to date, and it serves as a teaser of what we can expect from players when 343 Industries releases the full version in November. . At the moment it is unknown if the current projects will be easily exportable in the beta.

For now I invite you to visit our Halo Infinite section to see the rest of the creations that have been made in Forge Mode in recent months, because despite working with incomplete tools they have created very interesting things that show the potential thus.

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