They presented the 575 federals who will reinforce security in the province

The 575 federal agents announced by the national government to combat insecurity and drug trafficking in the province were presented this Thursday in a formal ceremony held in Rosario.

In the esplanade of the Sports Museum, in Ayacucho at 4800, south of Rosario, some 30 motorcycles, a long line of patrol vans, heavy armored vehicles, special forces such as the Alacrán group and the horses of the mounted division.

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The central act was headed from 12 o’clock by the Minister of National Security, Anibal Fernandez, next to the governor Omar perotti and the national director of the National Gendarmerie Andrés Severino.


In addition to the arrival of federal agents, the new force reorganization scheme also provides for the creation of a new Mobile Unit of the National Gendarmerie for this en Rosary.

It will be dedicated to the fight against drug trafficking and complex crime, which will be integrated with 1000 more gendarmes who will disembark in stages until March of next year, as announced by the national government.

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