They prohibit him from going to the court and leaving his province for food debts

Justice prohibited a man from going to the field to see Belgrano de Córdoba and from leaving the province until he pays the more than $360,000 he owes for child support for his seven-year-old son.

The measure was adopted by the Family Court of the Sixth Nomination of Córdoba, which prohibited him from attending any sporting event in which El Pirata participates. The child’s mother’s claim dates back to 2019. The father’s debt is $365,286.

Judge Marcela Alejandra Menta also ordered to include it in the Registry of Delinquent Food Debtors. In her ruling, the magistrate pointed out the “detachment of the parent to his obligations as a legal food source and his lack of interest in the well-being of her son.”

“These measures are intended to correct the defaulting obligor to guarantee the duty of economic assistance and material subsistence of the affected beneficiary,” Menta said in its resolution.

The measure will be maintained until the man regularizes his situation.

It is not the first time that Judge Menta has adopted this type of measure. In December of last year, she forbade a man who owed more than a million pesos in alimony to leave Córdoba.

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