They propose an ambitious plan to stop the melting of the poles: refreeze them with aerosols

A group of American researchers from Yale University published a study showing that poles North and South could stop their melting if microscopic aerosols were released into the atmosphere annually. The scientists acknowledge that this does not solve the problem, but argue that the method can be used to attack an urgent matter.

According to your proposal, Some 125 aircraft would spray microscopic particles at an altitude of about 43,000 feet (13 kilometers, above the altitudes used by airlines) in the atmosphere above latitude 60° North and South, in 175,000 annual flights. These particles would then move towards the polesthey would partially block the sun’s rays and form a shadow that would be cast on the surface.

The design of the planes that would carry out the operation.

American scientists argue that this extra shade would help not only slow down the melting process and the consequent rise in sea level, but also allow the poles to refreeze. by lowering the temperature by 2° the ends of the planet.

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