They propose to speed up the process to obtain a driver’s license

Santa Fe Councilman Hugo Marcucci (Together for Change) presented this Tuesday a draft ordinance called “Agile License.”

It is a municipal program for simplify the management of the Driver’s Licensebefore the Municipality of Santa Fe.

The proposal seeks to digitize, debureaucratize and paperless various municipal administrative procedures, reducing attendance during the obtaining of the driver’s license.

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The presentation of the initiative was in front of the headquarters of the Municipal Center for Driver Education located at Salvador Caputto 3900, in Parque Garay.

Councilman Hugo Marcucci (Together for Change)

“We are presenting this proposal because people’s time is valuable, and we want a state that accompanies them, that does not complicate with unnecessary procedures“, commented the mayor in dialogue with the mobile of Cadena OH!.

“We propose that everything can be done virtual, and that only the practical and the psychophysical be face-to-face. We want an agile city, with modernization,” added Marcucci.

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