They rediscover a rare hummingbird in Colombia that has not been seen since 2010: it was only photographed three times

Ornithologists celebrate. A kind of hummingbird Endemic to Colombia and believed to be extinct, it was sighted by a researcher in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The last time he had been seen was in 2010. The experienced bird watcher who managed to photograph the animal said he was moved by the find.

Yurgen Vega was looking for parrots with several conservation organizations when he saw the bird. there was the hummingbird de Santa Marta, with its emerald green and electric blue feathers, perched on a branch, singing and vocalizing.

The hummingbird photographed in Colombia. Source: (Yurgen Vega)

“The sighting was a complete surprise. when i saw the hummingbirdI immediately thought of him hummingbird from Santa Marta. I couldn’t believe I was waiting there so I could get my camera out and start photographing it,” Yurgen Vega told The Guardian. “I was almost convinced that it was that speciesbut since I was so excited, I preferred to be cautious,” he added.

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