They reject a working woman for not being ‘the slimmest’

United Kingdom.- A recruiter revealed to an employer after the man refused to give a woman a job because she was not “the thinnest of girls.”

The woman shared the screenshot of the conversation she had with the employer via LinkedIn.

There he mentions the following: “The only thing that bothers me is that she is not the thinnest of the girls… I am not being of considerable size, but it was quite unpleasant.

“He has a good knowledge of the local area. It is not a no, but the complete package, the experience and also the appearance, is key for us ”.

In the text the employer points out that the presentation is the most important thing to carry out any position in the real estate company.

According to local media, the real estate industry is a sector that has high expectations about the presentation, but that does not have to do with the physical personal appearance, but with the capacity that a person has.

Recruiter Faye Angeletta decided to terminate her employment relationship with this client, and in a statement to Indy100 she said that candidates should know why they are rejected, what their areas of opportunity are and should not face any discrimination.

“You are free as an employer to share your concerns with a recruiter about submitted candidates, but there is a line when it becomes discriminatory and, frankly, insulting. Think twice about the words you choose when providing comments, the candidate deserves to know why it is a no, but he should not be intimidated by the process, “he told The Independent newspaper portal.

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