They remove and open a summary of police officers from the sixth police station for the video scandal

Thursday, May 12, 2022 | 5:15 a.m.

Finally, yesterday morning the sanctions for the police officers of the Sixth Posadas Police Station were confirmed after a video went viral in which one of those detained for the crime of Cristian Díaz dances and smokes with a cell phone in his hand, few hours after being arrested.

According to the official statement from the Misiones Police Headquarters, the heads of the unit were removed and they also summarized all the members of the different guards who had been there since the inmate was housed. A sanction was also imposed “on the head of Regional Unit I, due to the lack of control of the periodic searches of the dungeons,” they said.

The new bosses are Commissioner Inspector Sergio Andrés Pelozo and Commissioner Raquel Domínguez.

Meanwhile, the Directorate of Internal Affairs will investigate how the devices entered the dungeon, while the transfer of the inmates to another police station with greater security was determined.

As reported exclusively yesterday by this medium, after the viralization of images and audios, the authorities of the Seven Posadas Investigation Court, in charge of Judge Miguel Mattos, ordered a search of the unit, which is located on Blas Parera Avenue, in the provincial capital.

The procedure, with the presence of the magistrate, was carried out around 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday by the Infantry Guard, whose uniformed officers found a cell phone in a trash can.

Who appears in the foreground in the footage is Gabriel GDS, 20 years old, one of the two arrested for the mafia murder of Cristian Díaz in the Yohasá neighborhood of Posadas. Together with an alleged accomplice, the young man was arrested last Monday when he was traveling towards the Posadas bus station.

Gabriel has a history of qualified vehicle theft in Porto Alegre and, unlike his alleged accomplice and main defendant, David Weslley of OS (19), he has no cause for drugs. The young man dances encouraged by his companions, who shout “Brazilian” at him.

The relatives of Cristian Díaz were outraged by the viralization of these records, which were accompanied by some audios, and assured that “they are celebrating the murder” of the newsstand.

“For us it is very painful to see how they celebrate the death of Cristian, I do not understand how there can be two cell phones. They can’t celebrate death like that,” they said.

In the audios, meanwhile, instigated by the other detainees, the foreigner expresses who are the people “who sent to kill” Díaz, repeating three names and assuring that “they are Argentines.” This statement, which has no judicial weight, confirmed that Díaz was murdered by hired assassins.

The murder of the kiosk occurred last Sunday. Photo: Marcelo Rodriguez

Bullet Na Face

As this media has been reporting, the person identified by the investigators as the person who fired the shots at the kiosk is David Weslley, also a native of Porto Alegre and identified as a member of the Bala Na Cara organization of that town in the reports received by the Police. of Missions in the neighboring country.

In addition, among his records – to which El Territorio had access – there is a complaint from his former partner in which he indicates that the young man was hidden and threatened with death because he lost drugs.

This complaint is from October 2019, when the young man was a minor and lived with a girlfriend in the capital of Rio Grande Do Sul. Then his partner reported that they both had many arguments and that is why he decided to leave the house, but David Weslley told him she said she would not be able to take her son, who was then six months old.

Beyond these conflicts, the young woman denounced that the man now accused of homicide told her that it did not matter who she called to rescue her little one because the place where they were living was dominated by a criminal faction called “Anti-Bala” and that no one, not even the police could get there.

He added that David Weslley “belonged” to Bala Na Cara, but was threatened with death because he lost drugs from the organization. After that event, the young man was arrested at least twice more, once with a 38-caliber weapon – he was with an accomplice who had drugs – and again in 2021 with a gang that was apparently planning an assault. There were drugs, weapons and stolen items.

Last year the person involved also appeared in the sights of the Police of the neighboring country, but this time as an alleged victim. In December 2021, the young man arrived at a Porto Alegre hospital wounded by a bullet in one of his arms and told the investigators that they had wanted to assault him, although he tried to defend himself and the criminal did not take anything.

The detainees could be transferred between today and tomorrow to complete the investigative hearing before Judge Mattos. In that instance they will be charged with the crimes and will have the opportunity to give their version of the facts.

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In the video, Gabriel DS (20) is seen dancing and with a cell phone in his hand a few hours after being arrested.

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