They reveal the titles of the last episodes of La Casa de Papel

The Money Heist comes to an end this December 3 when the second part of the fifth season will be available so long awaited by the faithful fanatic who has lived closely the drama, action and violence that is presented in it.

So it is not surprising that forceful aspects of what is coming are being officially presented. Hence, Netflix was responsible for revealing the chapter titles that will give closure to this plot created by Álex Pina and of which the public will surely want to see more.

And is that if something This production has generated many expectations, but also nostalgia, because although everyone wants to see the final outcome, there are those who are also sad after what is a significant farewell to the streaming service.

They reveal the titles of the last episodes of La Casa de Papel

Those who have already appreciated the first five chapters of The first part of the fifth season of La Casa de Papel they were able to realize the devastating end that the members of this band experienced when they saw Tokyo die, a key piece of this armed group that is willing to culminate the millionaire robbery at the Bank of Spain, where they have been for more than 100 hours.

However, they have not had it easy, because The Professor has been cornered and persecuted by former Inspector Sierra while his “boys” are battling against the national army that is willing to destroy each one of them.

This dense situation has only caused the plan to be modified and once again the rest of the gang must create new attacks to get out of this millionaire robbery that promises to be the most dangerous, ambitious and unforgettable of their lives.

Therefore, to warm up the engines, a few days before the premiere of the final season, The titles of the episodes that are to arrive this December 3 to the Netflix catalog have been revealed. These are as follows:

Chapter 6: Exhaust Valves
Chapter 7: Illusioned Science
Chapter 8: The Elegance Theory
Chapter 9: What is spoken in bed
Chapter 10: A Family Tradition

With this The public not only gets excited, but also draws their own conclusions about what is coming for this finale that will have a worldwide impact and that will surely have repercussions to the point of making a Spin-Off or will allow the creation of an unpublished material that complements this closing of this very successful story.

And is that what started as a robbery will now end in a whole war in which this group of cunning thieves will imminently face the most powerful forces in Spain in order to determine who really have the power in this situation in which everyone has their eyes on.

Now we just have to wait what more surprises They are yet to come with this closing of La Casa de Papel, since Pina assured that it will be unforgettable.

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