They say that La Gran Estrella would end this weekend, could it be because the magpie hinted that ‘La casa de Magaly’ could be broadcast on Saturdays?

HELLO, MY BARRUNTO. I arrive packed to tell you the latest gossip from Chollywood… ETHEL WELL came back from his honeymoon trip and left BRUNELLA, Well, she told him to her face that she had too many drinks, that she even put the bottle in her husband’s mouth so that he could drink a drink and she had to stop it. Asuuu… By the way, they also sent her little girl to EDSON for not inviting any of his companions to his birthday, but the popular ‘GISELO‘ said he didn’t do it because they were very ‘pitucas’. Aww…

It is speculated that ‘The Great Star’, which leads GISELA, would come to an end this Saturday. Is it because the ‘Urraca’ hinted that her reality show ‘La casa de Magaly’ could be broadcast on Saturdays? I moiiirooo… They say that EFRAIN AGUILAR had, last Saturday, a coleron, because the protagonists of his work ‘And now… who’s boss?’, MAFER VALEGA and PIETRO SIBILLEThey didn’t show up on time to start the show at the Jade Theater. oh curuju…

Now what PAOLO GUERRERO made his ‘garota’ official, LARK He received hundreds of comments on his social networks telling him to continue with his life… We are a fugue because my sweetheart is ready for me to dance like Anitta… Suuuavaeee.

Rafael Cardozo would have finished with ‘Cachaza’ after he gave him the ‘rock’ in January

Olenka Zimmermann announced that she was moving away from TV to dedicate herself fully to her ‘OnlyFans’

Johanna San Miguel clarified in her networks that she is not a chibolera, because she only had an affair with someone minor

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