They scanned Stonehenge and found a mysterious 10,000-year-old network of wells

Scientists from the University of Birmingham (UK) and the University of Ghent (Belgium) They found a set of hundreds of large pits under the ground where the world famous monoliths of stonehenge. In addition, thousands of other smaller graves were found.

Among the findings in stonehengeone of the most studied archaeological sites, highlights a huge pit four meters wide and two meters deep. This is the oldest evidence of land use ever found at this location.

The Stonehenge archaeological site is located in the county of Wiltshire, England.

According to scientists, this evidence of prehistoric activity at the site of stonehenge it is more than 10 thousand years old and testifies to how hunter-gatherer communities roamed these lands in the early Mesolithic, when Britain was beginning to be inhabited again after the last ice age.

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