They secure 116 migrants who were traveling overcrowded

Antonio Baranda / Reform

Wednesday, August 03, 2022 | 21:48

Mexico City.- The National Migration Institute (INM) secured 116 foreign migrants in the state of Puebla who were traveling in overcrowded conditions in a truck.

In a statement, the INM indicated that the undocumented migrants are from Cuba, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Venezuela and Panama.

When carrying out migratory verification actions at a point on the Oaxaca-Izúcar de Matamoros International Highway, migratory agents suspected of a torton-type truck covered with a tarpaulin.

In coordination with state police, INM personnel supervised the truck, where they found 6 men and 3 women minors accompanied by a family member or guardian, as well as 73 men and 34 adult women.

When verifying their health condition, it was identified that 91 people are from Cuba, 16 from Nicaragua, 4 from El Salvador, 3 from Honduras and 1 from Venezuela and Panama, respectively.

“The people were channeled to the INM facilities to continue with the administrative process, provide water and food, while the driver, his companion and the truck remained at the disposal of the corresponding authorities,” he reported.

It was also reported that the members of family nuclei were placed under the guardianship of the System for the Integral Development of the Family (DIF) in the State.

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